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eRemit FAQ - Recommendations


1. What is e-Remit?


eRemit is an online banking service which allows customers to remit to India by debiting their account with DBS/POSB/Standard Chartered/UOB or Citibank (members of the eNets Bank).

  2. Who is eligible for this facility? 

This facility can be used by all individuals who are Residents of Singapore like Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents / Employment Pass/Dependant Pass/ Work Permit holders who have registered as eRemit customers with SBI Singapore.


3. How does eRemit work?


You have to be a registered eRemit customer to use this service. Once registered, you can simply log in to using your user id and password and remit funds to any Indian rupee account by debiting your savings or current account with any of the eNets member banks (DBS/POSB/Citibank/Standard Chartered and UOB).


4. How can I apply for this facility?  

Registration has to be done in person at any of our branches. You will need your NRIC Or Passport along with your EP/DP or Work permit for registration. On successful registration, e-Remit USER ID and Password will be issued to you via email.

5. Can I change my Personal details as provided by me at the time of registration?


Yes, you have the option to change some of the personal details such as Address, telephone number and email through the "Personal Details" option.


6. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?


Please write to using your registered email with us. Alternatively you can visit any of our branches with proper identification documents (NRIC/EP/DP/WP). The new Password will be emailed to your registered email address.


7. What are the other services and information available on eRemit portal?


Once you have changed your eRemit Password on the first login, the following services and options are available:

  • Exchange Rate
  • Transaction History
  • Branch Locator
  • DBS2SBI Transfer
  • Personal Details

8. What is the Branch Locator option?


The Branch Locator option allows you to search for SBI branches. The search is based on Branch Name, Branch Code, City, District, Country and PINCODE. The branch code is a six digit number eg: Marina Arcade branch in New Delhi is 008655


9. What is the Transaction History option?


The Transaction History option allows you to view your last 10 successful transactions with the following details:

  • Date of Transaction
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Branch details
  • SGD & INR Amount
  • Exchange Rate
  • Status of the transaction
  • Transaction reference number

10. How is the payment for the e-remit transaction to be made?


Once the transfer request is submitted, you are automatically directed to the eNets payment gateway where you can click on the bank of your choice (DBS/POSB/Citibank/Standard Chartered and UOB) for payment. You are then required to use the selected bank’s Internet Banking USER ID and Password for authorisation of transfer of fund. After successful transfer of the funds, your account will be debited and a transaction reference number will be generated by the Bank for your reference.


11. Can I debit an account other than a Singapore Dollar account with the eNets Bank?


Yes, you can use any of your Savings Bank/ Current Account in any currency maintained with the eNets Bank for such payment. The amount debited will be transferred to State Bank of India, Singapore after your bank apply their exchange rate for conversion of other currencies to Singapore Dollars.


12. What is the maximum amount of transaction that can be done in a day?


The maximum amount that can be transacted through eNets is limited to SGD20,000 per day, subject to the limit imposed by your eNets bank.


13. What are the applicable charges for e-remit?


eRemit transactions are Free for a limited period.


DBS2SBI transactions are charged at SGD15 per transaction.


14. How will I know the status of my remittance?


All successful applications received by 9.00 pm on working days will be processed on the same day and the status of your remittance will be posted on our website on real time basis. Applications received after 9.00 pm will be processed on the next working day.


15. My account was with the Subsidiary Bank, can I still send money to that account ?


Yes. You can send money to your existing account using the new IFSC Code.
With effect from 1 April 2017, the five Subsidiary Banks (listed below) have been merged with State Bank of India. The new IFSC Codes for these banks can be found by Clicking here.

  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • State Bank of Mysore
  • State Bank of Patiala
  • State Bank of Travancore

16. Can I send money to accounts maintained in other banks, other than SBI?


Yes. You can send money to any account, held in any bank in India using eRemit service.

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